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2014-12-01 Ted Piccone and Ashley Miller. The Path to Progress? How Democratic Development Drives Five Rising Leaders The Brookings Institution

2014-06-09 Bibek Debroy, Ashley J. Tellis, Reece Trevor . Getting India Back on Track: An Action Agenda for Reform Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

2014-06-06 . Development of Parliamentary Research Services in Central Europe and the Western Balkans National Democratic Institute

2014-06-01 John F. Pane, Beth Ann Griffin, Daniel F. McCaffrey, Rita Karam. Effectiveness of Cognitive Tutor Algebra I at Scale RAND Corporation

2014-06-01 Daniel L. Byman and Benjamin Wittes. Reforming the NSA: How to Spy After Snowden The Brookings Institution

2014-05-01 Luay Al-Khatteeb and Harry Istepanian. Iraq?s Draft Electricity Law: What?s Right, What?s Wrong? The Brookings Institution

2014-04-26 Irwin M. Stelzer. A Conspiracy of Disrupters The Hudson Institute

2014-04-25 Kathryn Jean Lopez, W. Bradford Wilcox. Fathers make success American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-25 Mark J. Perry. Want energy independence? Waive the Jones Act American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-25 Jonah Goldberg. Obamas approach to foreign policy American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-25 Dan Blumenthal. Beijing rising: The Chinese challenge to American supremacy American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-25 Thomas Donnelly. For Putin, Eastern Europe is still up for grabs American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-25 William C. Greenwalt. Build fast, effective acquisition: Avoid the system we?ve got American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-25 Michael Auslin. Did Obama just draw another red line in the East China Sea? American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-25 Darejani Markozashvili and Laura Linderman. The Untapped Potential of Georgians Abroad Atlantic Council

2014-04-25 Adam Sneyd and Lauren Sneyd . Food Security is About More than Land Grabs Canadian International Council

2014-04-25 Robert Murray and Tom Keating. Why Neo-Containment Should Not Extend to Arctic Canadian International Council

2014-04-25 Uri Dadush. The Truth About Japan?s Economic Decline Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

2014-04-25 Yukon Huang. Courting Asia: China?s Maritime Silk Route vs America?s Pivot Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

2014-04-25 Dafna Rand. Opportunities for American Influence in a Changing Middle East Center for a New American Security

2014-04-25 Jeffrey Mankoff. Russia?s Latest Land Grab: How Putin Won Crimea and Lost Ukraine Center for Strategic and International Studies

2014-04-25 Carl Meacham. Surprised? We May Finally See an EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement Center for Strategic and International Studies

2014-04-25 Antony Froggatt. Where Next for EU Climate and Energy Policy? Chatham House

2014-04-25 Andrew Foxall. The UK should take the lead when it comes to sanctioning Russia Henry Jackson Society

2014-04-25 . Torn Turkey: more turbulence ahead International Institute for Strategic Studies

2014-04-25 Paul Scham. Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation? The Implications Middle East Institute

2014-04-25 Paul Salem. Iraq?s Make Up or Break Up Elections Middle East Institute

2014-04-25 . Martin Luther King III Appeals for Non-Violent Resolution to the South Sudan Crisis National Democratic Institute

2014-04-25 Ashley Pierson, Lynn A. Karoly, Gail L. Zellman, Megan K. Beckett. Early and School-Age Care in Santa Monica RAND Corporation

2014-04-25 Darshak Sanghavi. Do E-Cigs Help People Quit Smoking or Make Them Start? The Brookings Institution

2014-04-25 Khaled Elgindy. The Seven-Year Itch The Brookings Institution

2014-04-25 Elizabeth Slattery. Supreme Court 101: A Primer for Non-Lawyers The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-25 David Pollock. The Peace Process Needs Partners, Not Scapegoats Washington Institute for Near East Policy

2014-04-25 Adel El-Adawy. Nabil Fahmy Visits Washington Washington Institute for Near East Policy

2014-04-24 Mary Habeck. Getting it right: US national security policy and al Qaeda since 2011 American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-24 Michael Mazza. Taiwanese hard power: Between a ROC and a hard place American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-24 Katherine Zimmerman. Understanding al Qaedas leadership group American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-24 David Adesnik. What containment really is American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-24 Stan Veuger. Californias tough trade-off on prison reform American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-24 Derek M. Scissors. The US and Japan choose stagnation? American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-24 Andrew G. Biggs, Jason Richwine. Overpaid or underpaid? A state-by-state ranking of public-employee compensation American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-24 Shuja Nawaz and Mohan Guruswamy. India and Pakistan: The Opportunity Cost of Conflict Atlantic Council

2014-04-24 Ramesh Thakur. The Five Reasons the Outside World Won?t Intervene In Syria Canadian International Council

2014-04-24 Yezid Sayigh. Is the Armed Rebellion in Syria on the Wane? Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

2014-04-24 Alex Nowrasteh. Saving the Asylum System Cato Institute

2014-04-24 Robert A. Levy. Campaign Finance: Untangling Citizens United and McCutcheon Cato Institute

2014-04-24 Daniel J. Weiss . Trade Implication of U.S. Energy Policy and the Export of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Center for American Progress

2014-04-24 Lawrence J. Korb, Max Hoffman, and Kate Blakeley. A User?s Guide to the Fiscal Year 2015 Defense Budget Center for American Progress

2014-04-24 Cathleen Kelly, Michael Conathan, and Vikram Singh . Helping the Arctic Council Find Its True North Center for American Progress

2014-04-24 Ben Fitzgerald, Parker Wright. Digital Theaters: Decentralizing Cyber Command and Control Center for a New American Security

2014-04-24 Robert Kahn,. Time to Rethink Sanctions Against Russia and Aid to Ukraine Council on Foreign Relations

2014-04-24 Alphonse F. La Porta. President Obama?s Visit to Malaysia: Looking Beyond Flight MH370 East-West Center

2014-04-24 Amanda Paul. Ukraine on the edge European Policy Centre

2014-04-24 . We Were Sent to Kill You: Gang Attacks in Western Kenya and the Government?s Failed Response Human Rights Watch

2014-04-24 Michael Hochberg. Israel?s Natural Gas Sector: A Regional Perspective Middle East Institute

2014-04-24 Louay Constant, Shelly Culbertson, Cathleen Stasz, Georges Vernez. Improving Technical Vocational Education and Training in the Kurdistan Region ? Iraq RAND Corporation

2014-04-24 Celine Miani, Enora Robin, Veronika Horvath, Catriona Manville, Jonathan Cave, Joanna Chataway. Health and Healthcare: Assessing the Real World Data Policy Landscape in Europe RAND Corporation

2014-04-24 . Energy and the Ukrainian crisis: towards Russia?s pivot to Asia? Singapore Institute of International Affairs

2014-04-24 . What?s to Come: Cooperation, or Militarisation? Singapore Institute of International Affairs

2014-04-24 Peter W. Singer and Rob Grace. New Warfare Technologies, New Protection Challenges The Brookings Institution

2014-04-24 E.J. Dionne, Jr., William A. Galston, Korin Davis and Ross Tilchin. Faith in Equality: Economic Justice and the Future of Religious Progressives The Brookings Institution

2014-04-24 John Villasenor. Products Liability and Driverless Cars The Brookings Institution

2014-04-24 Stephen Moore. Barack Obama?s Keystone Cops The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-24 Stephen Moore. Double whammies keep R.I. down The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-24 Elizabeth Slattery and Hans A. von Spakovsky. Schuette and America?s Future The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-24 Helle C. Dale and Brett D. Schaefer. Time to Reform U.S. International Broadcasting The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-24 Steven Groves and Dean Cheng. A National Strategy for the South China Sea The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-24 John Lee. Chinas Economic Engagement with Southeast Asia: Malaysia The Hudson Institute

2014-04-24 Shannon Dick, Hana Rudolph. Japan Updates Arms Export Policy The Stimson Center

2014-04-24 Leonard E. Burman. The Tax Reform That Just Wont Die and Shouldnt The Urban Institute

2014-04-24 Robert A. Berenson, Divvy Upadhyay, Deborah R. Kaye. Placing Diagnosis Errors on the Policy Agenda The Urban Institute

2014-04-24 Ehud Yaari and Neri Zilber. The Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation Agreement: Too Early to Judge Washington Institute for Near East Policy

2014-04-24 Michael Knights. The U.S. Role in Iraqs Postelection Politics Washington Institute for Near East Policy

2014-04-23 Roger Bate. Should we be able to pay for different levels of quality in our medicines? American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-23 James C. Capretta, Lanhee Chen. The other stealthy Obamacare menace American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-23 Michael Barone. High court stops short of ending racial quotas and preferences American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-23 Ramesh Ponnuru . Vice President Rand Paul? American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-23 Michael Auslin. Shinzo wont go American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-23 William C. Greenwalt. Once more unto the breach, this time for acquisition reform American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-23 Edward J. Pinto, Stephen D. Oliner. A new housing bubble? American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-23 Edward Conrad. Piketty and Krugman admit the Laffer Curve is real American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-23 John Duncan. Returning to the Responsiblity to Protect Canadian International Council

2014-04-23 Scott Smith. In Afghanistan, Signs of Democracy Taking Hold Canadian International Council

2014-04-23 Rene Wadlow. Ukraine: A Federalist Future? Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

2014-04-23 Rachel Kleinfeld, Harry Bader. Extreme Violence and the Rule of Law: Lessons From Eastern Afghanistan Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

2014-04-23 Harith Hasan Al-Qarawee. Iraq?s Sectarian Crisis: A Legacy of Exclusion Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

2014-04-23 Brandon Fuller and Sean Rust. State-Based Visas: A Federalist Approach to Reforming U.S. Immigration Policy Cato Institute

2014-04-23 Jason Bedrick. The New Hampshire Education Tax Credit Lawsuit Simplified Cato Institute

2014-04-23 Nat Hentoff. Powerful Force Teaching Students the Very Essence of Being Americans Cato Institute

2014-04-23 Randal OToole. The Sustainability Hoax Cato Institute

2014-04-23 Walter Olson. Let Interns Be Interns Cato Institute

2014-04-23 Ilya Shapiro. Amending Justice Stevens: How and Why We Shouldn?t Change the Constitution Like This Cato Institute

2014-04-23 Michael D. Tanner. Piketty Gets It Wrong Cato Institute

2014-04-23 Karthick Ramakrishnan and Farah Ahmad . State of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Series Center for American Progress

2014-04-23 Ryan Crotty. What Is the Department of Defense?s Plan for Meeting Sequester-level Caps? Center for Strategic and International Studies

2014-04-23 Katherine Bliss. Replenishing GAVI in 2014 Center for Strategic and International Studies

2014-04-23 Fred Kaplan. Eastern Promises Council on Foreign Relations

2014-04-23 Kataryna Wolczuk. Ukraine and the EU: turning the Association Agreement into a success story European Policy Centre

2014-04-23 Douglas Murray. Tony Blair spoke the truth about Islamism. But not the whole truth. Henry Jackson Society

2014-04-23 Andrew Foxall. Is Ukraine on the brink of civil war? Henry Jackson Society

2014-04-23 Halil Karaveli . Cold Turkey – Reforming Ankara from the Outside In Institute for Security & Development Policy

2014-04-23 . Afghanistan: 5,000 Troops are not Enough Institute for the Study of War

2014-04-23 Duncan McCargo. Southern Thailand: From Conflict to Negotiations? Lowy Institute for International Policy

2014-04-23 Arantxa Guere?a, Stephanie Burgos. Smallholders at Risk: Monoculture expansion, land, food and livelihoods in Latin America Oxfam

2014-04-23 Bernard D. Rostker, Jacob Alex Klerman, Megan Zander-Cotugno. Recruiting Older Youths RAND Corporation

2014-04-23 Larry Hanauer, Stuart E. Johnson, Christopher Springer, Chaoling Feng, Michael J. McNerney, Stephanie Pezard, Shira Efron. Evaluating the Impact of the Department of Defense Regional Centers for Security Studies RAND Corporation

2014-04-23 Robert Puentes and Adie Tomer. Getting Smarter About Smart Cities The Brookings Institution

2014-04-23 Mike Gonzalez. Sotomayor?s demeaning views on race The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-23 Ana Quintana. Crisis in Venezuela: UNASUR and U.S. Foreign Policy The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-23 Diem Nguyen Salmon and Dakota Wood. Congress Should Support the Marines? New Amphibious Combat Vehicle Plan The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-23 Norbert J. Michel, Ph.D. and John L. Ligon. Basel III Capital Standards Do Not Reduce the Too-Big-to-Fail Problem The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-23 John Lee. Why China fears the Putin precedent The Hudson Institute

2014-04-23 Richard Weitz. Hagel?s Visit Highlights Greater Chinese Military Transparency The Hudson Institute

2014-04-23 Lee Smith. Syria Announces Presidential Elections for June The Hudson Institute

2014-04-23 Yuki Tatsumi. Obama?s Visit To Japan: Changing Perceptions Is Key To Success The Stimson Center

2014-04-23 David Pollock. Six Takes on the Palestinian Unity Deal Washington Institute for Near East Policy

2014-04-23 Eric Trager. The Candidate in His Labyrinth Washington Institute for Near East Policy

2014-04-22 Nicholas Eberstadt. The government vs. the American character American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-22 W. Bradford Wilcox. A key to college success: Involved dads American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-22 W. Bradford Wilcox. Dad and the diploma: The difference fathers make for college graduation American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-22 Benjamin Zycher. Five questions for Mr. Tom Steyer American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-22 Andrew P. Kelly, Awilda Rodriguez. Access, affordability, and success: How do America?s colleges fare? An interactive guide American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-22 Timothy P. Carney. K Street battles tea party in GOP primaries American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-22 Ramesh Ponnuru . The lefts fuzzy math on child care subsidies American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-22 Frederick W. Kagan. Snatching failure from victory in Afghanistan American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-22 Dan Blumenthal. What Obama should say about China in Japan American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-22 Paul H. Kupiec. The money in banking: Comparing salaries of bank and bank regulatory employees American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-22 Pinar Dost-Niyego and Orhan Taner. Turkish-Iranian Rapprochement and the Future of European and Asian Energy Atlantic Council

2014-04-22 Rajan Menon. Was Ukraine Betrayed at Geneva? Atlantic Council

2014-04-22 Josh Scheinert. Peacekeepers Will Not Save the Central African Republic Canadian International Council

2014-04-22 Mark Hibbs. Looking Back at Brazils Boreholes Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

2014-04-22 Sun Xuefeng. Obama?s Trip to Asia: A View From China Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

2014-04-22 Mohamed Kerrou. Tunisia?s Historic Step Toward Democracy Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

2014-04-22 Rajiv Kumar. Revisiting Manufacturing Policy Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

2014-04-22 Doug Bandow. Iran Should Demonstrate It Is Ready to Join the International Community by Ending Religious Persecution Cato Institute

2014-04-22 Doug Bandow. Iran vs. Religious Minorities Cato Institute

2014-04-22 Gene Healy. The Most [REDACTED] Administration in History Cato Institute

2014-04-22 Randal OToole. We Can?t Save the Environment without Freedom Cato Institute

2014-04-22 Michael F. Cannon. ACA Exchanges at Risk Cato Institute

2014-04-22 Patrick J. Michaels. The Rise and Fall of Earth Day, a Day No One Notices Anymore Cato Institute

2014-04-22 Nancy Birdsall. The World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank: Fit for 21st Century Purpose? Center for Global Development

2014-04-22 Clark A. Murdock, Samuel J. Brannen. Exploring New Ways to Provide Enduring Strategic Effects for the Department of Defense Center for Strategic and International Studies

2014-04-22 Julia E. Sweig. The World Cup and American Students Council on Foreign Relations

2014-04-22 Hayley Channer. Australia?s Gains in Northeast Asia Pave the Way for Obama?s Trip East-West Center

2014-04-22 Douglas Murray. UKIP is angry about immigration ? but so are the voters Henry Jackson Society

2014-04-22 . They Say We?re Dirty: Denying an Education to India?s Marginalized Human Rights Watch

2014-04-22 . Myanmar?s Military: Back to the Barracks? International Crisis Group

2014-04-22 Paul Salem. Lebanon?s Presidential Elections: Q&A with Paul Salem Middle East Institute

2014-04-22 Karim Mezran. The Political Process in Libya Middle East Institute

2014-04-22 Abdal Monium K. Osman, Marc J. Cohen. We No Longer Share the Land: Agricultural change, land, and violence in Darfur Oxfam

2014-04-22 . Loaded Guns and Empty Stomachs: Fixing a food crisis and preventing a catastrophe in South Sudan Oxfam

2014-04-22 Anders Aslund. Russia Is in No Economic Shape to Fight a War Peterson Institute for International Economics

2014-04-22 . Indians See Rape as a Major National Problem Pew Research Center

2014-04-22 Steven Garber, Susan M. Gates, Emmett B. Keeler, Mary E. Vaiana, Andrew W. Mulcahy, Christopher Lau, Arthur L. Kellermann. Healing Medical Product Innovation RAND Corporation

2014-04-22 Shmuel Abramzon, Nicholas Burger, Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar, Peter Glick, Krishna B. Kumar, Francisco Perez-Arce, Alexandria Smith. Capacity Building at the Kurdistan Region Statistics Office Through Data Collection RAND Corporation

2014-04-22 Safwan A. Khan. The Need for Shared Constituencies Sustainable Development Policy Institute

2014-04-22 Ron Haskins. Deficits Bother You? The Real Problem Is Inept Governance The Brookings Institution

2014-04-22 Mireya Sol. 8-Day Asia Trip Critical to Obamas Regional Strategy The Brookings Institution

2014-04-22 Richard Weitz. Global Insights: With Eye on Moldova, NATO Must Shore Up Southeastern Front The Hudson Institute

2014-04-22 Gerson Sher. Are Medical Radioisotopes Contributing To Global Nuclear Insecurity? The Stimson Center

2014-04-22 Signe-Mary McKernan, Caroline Ratcliffe, C. Eugene Steuerle, Sisi Zhang. Impact of the Great Recession and Beyond Disparities in Wealth Building by Generation and Race The Urban Institute

2014-04-22 Erica Gaston & Nadwa al-Dawsari. Dispute Resolution and Justice Provision in Yemen?s Transition United States Institute of Peace

2014-04-21 Mark J. Perry. Earth Day: Hail fossil fuels, energy of the future American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-21 Benjamin Zycher. Fracking for bigger budgets American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-21 David Shaywitz. Microbe Hunters with a modern sensibility: The Remedy examines germ theorys scientific origin and social diffusion American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-21 David Shaywitz. The New Yorker claims biotech success means drug development now less risky: Say what? American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-21 Jonah Goldberg. Obamas Keystone Pipeline trap American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-21 Ramesh Ponnuru . The angry Republican foreign policy mess American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-21 Michael Barone. Should the bankrupt, blighted city of Detroit turn in its charter? American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-21 Marc A. Thiessen. Senator Harry Reids baseless domestic terror accusations American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-21 Michael Auslin. China takes the fight to space American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-21 Alex J. Pollock . Fannie and Freddie are obviously SIFIs American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-21 Robert Doar. 10 welfare reform lessons American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-21 Paul H. Kupiec. Guess who makes more than bankers: Their regulators American Enterprise Institute

2014-04-21 Robert Muggah. Today?s Digital Witnesses Can Prevent Tomorrow?s War Crimes Canadian International Council

2014-04-21 Mois?s Na. America?s Coming Manufacturing Revolution Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

2014-04-21 Ashley J. Tellis, Bibek Debroy, Dhiraj Nayyar. India Back on Track: An Agenda for Reform Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

2014-04-21 Doug Bandow. Blurring the Typical Boundaries Cato Institute

2014-04-21 Doug Bandow. U.S. Foreign Policy Should Focus on Protecting Americans, Not Reassuring Friends and Allies Cato Institute

2014-04-21 Richard W. Rahn. The Global Warming Apocalypses That Didn?t Happen Cato Institute

2014-04-21 Roger Pilon. At Yale and in the Boy Scouts, Freedom of Association Is in the Crosshairs Cato Institute

2014-04-21 Edward J. Calabrese. We Need a New Earth Day Cato Institute

2014-04-21 Scott Miller, Paul Nadeau. Trade and Obama?s Visit to Asia Center for Strategic and International Studies

2014-04-21 Janet Fleischman, Alisha Kramer. Family Planning and Linkages with U.S. Health and Development Goals Center for Strategic and International Studies

2014-04-21 Victor Cha, Michael J. Green, Christopher K. Johnson, Matthew P. Goodman, Murray Hiebert. President Obama?s Trip to Asia Center for Strategic and International Studies

2014-04-21 Micah Zenko. Waste of Space Council on Foreign Relations

2014-04-21 Mira Rapp-Hooper,. Securing Sovereignty: When Should America Weigh In? Council on Foreign Relations

2014-04-21 Patrick Christy, Robert Zarate. Challenges Loom as Obama Visits Asia Foreign Policy Initiative

2014-04-21 . We Stood, They Opened Fire: Killings and Arrests by Sudan?s Security Forces during the September Protests Human Rights Watch

2014-04-21 Ahmed Ali. Iraq?s 2014 National Elections Institute for the Study of War

2014-04-21 Eyal Aharoni, Lila Rabinovich, Joshua Mallett, Andrew R. Morral. An Assessment of Program Sustainability in Three Bureau of Justice Assistance Criminal Justice Domains RAND Corporation

2014-04-21 Junaid Zahid. Challenges: In quest for solutions to feed growing population Sustainable Development Policy Institute

2014-04-21 James Steinberg and Michael E. OHanlon. Dont Be a Menace to South (China Sea) The Brookings Institution

2014-04-21 Andrew Wainer and Audrey Singer. Immigration Policy: Is Federalism the Answer? The Brookings Institution

2014-04-21 Shadi Hamid. The Islamist Identity Crisis The Brookings Institution

2014-04-21 Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D.. Resisting the rising tide of regulations The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-21 Diane Katz. A case for ending corporate welfare The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-21 Hans A. von Spakovsky. EEOC Loses Again on Background Checks The Heritage Foundation

2014-04-21 Christopher Sands. Power Play: Keystone XL Setback The Hudson Institute

2014-04-21 Samuel Tadros. The Sources of Egyptian Anti-Semitism The Hudson Institute

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